In 2018 I graduated pharmacy at the Medical University of Lublin and since then I have been working on my PhD project. In my work I am focused on discovering novel mechanisms underlying mephedrone-related addiction with special regard to the involvement of GABA-ergic and glutamatergic neuronal pathways, as well as social and stress factors contributing to the induction of mephedrone addictive potential. My scientific interests have recently expanded to include new psychoactive substances (NPS), also known as designer drugs, which are investigated in our lab using several behavioural and toxicological tests in rodents and zebrafish models. Apart from scientific work I love cooking, travelling, exercising and doing everything I can to find a way to live a long, happy and healthy life. Long story short, always open-minded for new people, new experiences and new knowledge.

Olga Wronikowska

Sc. M.

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